Manufacturing and Industrial Loans – Belize

Establish, Improve and Expand your Industrial based business. We provide working capital which supports cash flow, land clearance, field preparation, non-traditional crops and more.



  • Loans from $40K to Million dollars+
  • TRUE Reducing Balance Interest Rate
  • LOW Effective Interest
  • FREE Property Appraisal ($300 – $1400 in Savings)
  • PAY LESS for Legal Services because of our In-house Legal Services
  • Business Plan development support
  • FREE Technical assistance during Planning & Implementation
  • Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency loans at just 6%
  • Revolving Line of Credit option
  • Character Based Loans offered
  • Forbearance during times of Financial Challenges
  • Tailored Loan Repayments
  • Repayment Period up to 15 years
  • Grace Period up to 5 years
  • DFC does not Increase your interest rate
  • Loan Fees as low as 2%
  • Loan Terms Clearly Explained
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Easy to Reschedule
  • No Rescheduling Fees
  • No Loan Consolidation Required
  • No Annual Renewal Fees
  • Safe debt ratio of 35%
  • Amortization Schedule Provided
  • Good Loan Approval time: 5 to 6 weeks


  • Valid Photo ID
  • Business Plan (DFC  can assist)
  • Financial Records (if applicable)
  • Land documents
  • Updated land/property taxes
  • Relevant permits, contracts, licenses (if applicable)
  • For Companies:
    Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Good Standing, Resolution to borrow, Authorized signatories.

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements

  • Belizeans & Belizean Residents (18-70 years old) / Locally registered Cooperatives / Partnerships / Associations and Companies.
  • Project: Financially viable, Technically feasible, Environmentally sustainable.
  • Marketing Strategy & Management: Verified experience & records of past performance
  • Client Contribution: Minimum 10% of loan value. (Property, cash and/or labour)
  • Collateral: Flexible requirements including 3rd Party Guarantee, Bill of Sale on Chattels and Real Estate.
  • Insurance: for Insurable assets.


Tailored Loan Repayment

DFC tailors your loan repayment to suit your business’s Cash flow. Pay less during low season and more during high season. Great for Agricultural based business where payments can be made at harvest time.

TRUE Reducing Balance Interest Rate

DFC offers you TRUE reducing balance Interest rate. What this means is that as you go repaying your loan and your balance owed is reducing, your interest paid also reduces because DFC charges interest on the balance owed.

It is referred to as ‘TRUE’ because we apply interest this way  CONTINUOUSLY, over the entire life of your loan with us. Other institutions may say they also offer ‘Reducing Balance’ but it may not be ‘TRUE’ reducing balance because of HOW they apply the interest (eg; on a 12 month basis only) As such, it is not continuous and this means you pay more in interest.

Grace Period

DFC offers Grace periods (Pay only interest, no principal) for up to 5 years (dependent on project type) Eg. Your business would receive grace period while its under development or for a period after opening to become established first. Agricultural based businesses could receive grace periods until their crop is harvested.


Your Manufacturing based business could get a Revolving Credit Line Loan where you are approved a credit line and can draw down from that loan to cover operating costs for your business. As you repay your loan, you can automatically draw down again. (Similar to an Overdraft account)

We CARE and HELP YOU in hard times

If ever you fall on hard times and find it difficult to service your loan, as long as you communicate with us immediately, we work along with you. Eg. Postpone Principal payments or even lend you more to become operational again.  DFC is not in the business of closing down businesses. We work as best as possible to keep this from happening because as a Development Bank, DFC’s primary goal is to see to the development, success and longevity of Belizean Industries.


SAVE Money and Reducing your long term operational costs by investing in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE/EE). DFC is the only bank offering RE/EE loans for Businesses and Homes at only 6% (Reducing Balance)

Other Benefits ONLY DFC provides

DFC in the ONLY lending institution that provides you with FREE Property Appraisal, Saving you hundreds of dollars!

We are the Only Bank to provide the legal services you need, In-house which reduces your cost, again saving you money!

DFC has never INCREASED its Interest rate. We don’t ‘Lock’ you into a loan then increase the interest rate on you after.

DFC never bind you down by tying or ‘bundling’ your loan with other loans.


DFC encourages responsible borrowing with our customers from the get go. We do not allow our customers to over extend themselves with loans larger than they can afford.

DFC is up front with you. We explain the loan terms clearly, letting you know exactly what are the loan fees and payments. With DFC there are NO HIDDEN FEES.



Answer a few questions about the type of financing you want and a DFC Representative will contact you to discuss or set up an appointment.

The facilitation DFC provided to refinance our business in order to invest int he creation of a totally new product was most helpful.

William Usher
Owner, Green Clean