Parcel 1960, Block 45, Baracat Street, Port Layola Area, Belize City, Belize

Parcel 1960, Block 45, Port/Loyolaville Registration Section containing 411.340 S.M. situate on Baracat Street in Port Loyola Area, Belize City held under Land Certificate and being the Freehold property of CALBERT WALFORD surety for COLIN ALEXANDER WALFORD (Located on No. 23 Baracat Street, Belize City)

One 2 Storey house. (A) Lower level is a 4 bedroom concrete unit (629.09 sq.ft.) with 1 bathroom. Upper level is a 3 bedroom timber construction (666.60 sq.ft.) w/ 1 bathroom,1 washroom and a porch. (B) One concrete bungalow house (159.31 sq.ft.) with 1 bathroom. (C) One Concrete external bathroom (75 sq.ft.). Property has concrete drive-way , walk way & is fenced.