Home Financing


Your home is your life’s investment and we want to ensure it will always be yours. This is why DFC offers you interest on the reducing balance for the entire life of the loan. We also offer longer repayment periods to make monthly repayments as affordable as possible for you. DFC ensures you are as secure as possible so you will truly feel …at home.

Access home financing for:

  • New Home Construction
  • Home Purchase
  • Home Refinancing
  • Home Energy Efficiency
  • Home Expansions / Additions
  • Home Security: Fencing, Burglar Bars etc.
  • Home Improvement and Repair

Why get your Home Financing from DFC:

  • Up to 200% your gross annual income as Home Financing
  • Interest on the Reducing Balance
  • Up to 25 years repayment period for new construction.
  • Low *EFFECTIVE Interest Rate
  • Loan fees as low as 2%
  • Affordable In-house Legal services
  • Forebearance: We work with you in times of challenge

What do I need to provide:

  • Valid ID
  • Employment Letter
  • Certified Income Statement (Self Employed)
  • Letter from Seller (If Purchasing)
  • Approved Building Plans by CBA (If Constructing)
  • Bill of Quantities (If Constructing)
  • Land Documents
  • Updated Land / Property taxes


See if I qualify for a home loan

Answer a few questions and a DFC Representative will contact you to discuss or set up an appointment.

2 & 3 Bedroom Starter Homes

The Central Building Authority (CBA) offers two types of Starter Home housing plans to the public, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom plans.

  • The 2 Bedroom Plan is 18ft. x 26 ft. (664.10 sq. ft.) and costs a low fee of $164.41 (Build Cost: Aprox. $50K to $60K)
  • The 3 Bedroom Plan is 24ft. x 32ft. (900.3 sq. ft.) and costs a low fee of $188.03 (Build Cost: Aprox. $75K to $85K)

The fees for both the 2 and 3 Bedroom plans covers the application and permit fees, 3 copies of the house plan and 3 copies of the electrical design.

Payment for the plans are to be made directly to CBA’s Scotiabank account no. 870-4203.  Once payment has been made the deposit slip is to be presented to the CBA office along with your land document for lease or title.

NOTE: Plans and construction based upon the plans cannot be modified. If  there is any modification, new custom plans would need to be done at owner’s expense. If construction is altered from these set plans, construction can be ordered to stop until new plans are done.

Central Building Authority Office:

117 North Front Street
Second Floor
Belize City, Belize
Tel: (501) 223-2616 or 223-1878
Fax: (501) 223-6269

For more information about the CBA visit their website.





Answer a few questions about the type of financing you want and a DFC Representative will contact you to discuss or set up an appointment.