Renewable Energy Technologies

Solar Panel Systems

Want to reduce or cut your electricity bill? Then install Solar Panel systems for your Home, Business, Commercial or Agricultural operation.

There are 3 types of Solar Panel Systems: Off Grid systems, Grid Integrated Systems and Grid Tied Systems. (See details of each below)

Solar or Photovoltaic (PV) Systems are custom-designed to meet your Residential, Commercial or Agricultural Power needs. All systems are designed using high-performance components manufactured to withstand Belize’s demanding climate, guaranteeing that your investment is worthwhile and rewarding.

Solar panels are now durable, more efficient and more affordable! They carry a life spans of up to 25 to 30 years. Batteries have also improved with lifespans of up to 8 years (Lead Acid) and with newer Battery technologies equally achieving lifespans of up to 15 years. (Lithium)

Solar Panel Systems

Off Grid Systems (Click)

Solar Panels - Island or Cayes of Belize

Off-Grid Solar Systems are Solar Panel Systems which are completely disconnected from BEL’s Electricity Grid system.

Off Grid Solar Systems are completely self-contained and self-sufficient, providing Homes, Hotels, Resorts, and Farms etc.

with the electricity you need, 24 hours a day.

Wind Turbines, Belize, Renewable Energy

These systems carry their own set of batteries to store and supply power. If these systems utilize other sources of power such as small wind turbines, Hydropower supply or back up generators they are called Solar Hybrid Systems.

Solar systems also use inverters. Inverters convert the DC current generated by the System to AC current – the type of power most appliances and electronic equipment use.

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Grid Integrated Systems (Click)

Grid-integrated Solar systems are systems which have batteries to store and supply power but the system is also connected to BEL’s Electric Grid. The system would source power from the Solar System but would use electricity from BEL’s grid if needed. Instead of having a system which has a generator as a

backup supply, BEL’s grid would serve as the backup power supply.

In other countries, the excess power that your solar panel system would produce could be sold to the Electric Company. This is called Net-Metering. This is good because, in addition to the savings you would get from generating your own electricity, you would also be paid for the EXCESS electricity you would produce and ‘sell’ to the grid, resulting in a faster Return on your Investment. (ROI)

Unfortunately, Net-metering is not available in Belize at this time.

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Grid Tied Systems (Click)

Solar Panels, Belize, Solar System Belize, Grid Tied Systems, Photovoltaic SystemsGrid-Tied Solar Panel Systems are systems which are tied to BEL’s Electric Grid and only partially provides you with energy from the Solar Panel System. Grid-Tied systems DO NOT have batteries to store power.

Because of this, you would only be able to get power from your Grid-Tied system during sunny days only.  Becuase there are no batteries to store power, you would use more electricity from BEL during nights and on cloudy or rainy days, resulting in considerably LESS savings.

Being that almost all homes consume the most energy at night (when the family is home from work and school) the savings you would get from Grid-Tied Systems are considerably less.

Grid-tied systems, however, have a more affordable up-front cost because you would not purchase the batteries which store power.

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Solar Water Heating Systems

Chromagen Solar Water heating System Belize

Solar Water Heating (SWH) Systems for Homes and Commercial Operations. SAVE MONEY by cutting the high energy cost of heating water for your home, hotel, resort or other business.

For domestic water heating, 30% of an average electric bill cost is for heating water and it can be as high as 50%!

Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems (Click)

  • There are 2 types of systems – Thermosiphon (tank and collector are together) and Forced Circulation (tank and collector are separate)
  • Solar water heaters (SWH) are NOT producing electricity – they use the sun energy to heat up water.
  • 30% of an average electric bill cost is for heating water. It can be as high as 50%!
  • Rule of thumb is a 30-gal system for up to 4 users, 40-gal up to 5, 50-gal up to 7 and 80-gal for up to 10 users.
  • Chromagen systems have a life expectancy of up to 15 years with very little maintenance.
  • Average ROI for systems is between 2-4 years

Download full details about Domestic Water Systems below.

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Commercial Solar Water Heating Systems (Click)

Commercial Solar Water Heating Belize, Installation, Solar Water Heating ProvidersProject Assessments needs to be conducted for Commercial Solar Water Heating (SWH) Installations.

To provide you with an insight into what a Commercial Solar Water Heating Project Assessment entails and provides, download a sample SWH Project Assessment below.

Return on Investment, ROI, Solar Water Heating, BelizeSTART SAVING! DFC provides 100% financing for you to install your Commercial Solar Water Heating System!  

Domestic Solar Water Heating System – Points & Return on Investment
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Solar Water Heating Systems July 25, 2018 Download
Commercial Solar Water Heating Sample Project Assessment
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Solar Water Heating Systems July 25, 2018 Download

    Domestic Wind Turbines

    Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power. This mechanical power can be used for specific tasks (such as grinding grain or pumping water) or a generator can convert this mechanical power into electricity to power homes, businesses, schools, and the like.

    Alternative Fuels – Homes

    Alternative fuels can be BioGas for home cooking use (replaces butane).

    Image: Is a ‘Bio-Digester’ that you can buy for your home. It naturally produces about 3 hours of BioGas for your Home Cooking needs using the normal ‘scaps’ from your meals. It replaces the need to purchase butane gas and pays back for the investment you make over a period of years.

    In Belize, Home BioGas Systems are sold and installed by GreenSun Ltd.

    Alternative Fuels – Commercial

    BioGas, Bio Digesters, Bio Fuels, Belize, Renewable Energy, Alternative Fuels, DFC, Development Finance Corporation

    Renewable Alternative Fuels can also be developed to cost-effectively serve the energy needs of Agriculture and Livestock. It can serve as the source of fuel for production, lighting, heating, and combustion via investing in Bio-digesters for BioGas, and BioFuels (Ethanol, bagasse, wood pellets etc.)

    Learn more here. Download a study done by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC): “Potential Study on producible Biogas and Renewable Energy from Biomass and Organic Waste in Belize”

    Potential Study on producible Biogas and Renewable Energy from Biomass and Organic Waste in Belize
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    BioGas and RE from Biomass July 27, 2018 Download

      Rain Water Harvesting (Homes & Business)

      Rain Water Catchment, Renewable Energy, Belize, DFC, Development Finance Corporation

      Another form of Renewable Resource is Rain Water Harvesting. You can reduce or cut your water bill by accessing financing to install Rain Water Storage and filtration systems to provide for your Home or Business’ Water Consumption needs. Remember, this helps to reduce our impact on the environment because it reduces the cost of energy Belize’s Water Service provider consumes in order to supply water to your home or business.

      Rain Water Harvesting is excellent for hotels, resorts and other businesses to reduce long-term operational costs and to improve your Brand image. Investing in Renewable technologies differentiates you from your competitors and climate-conscious customers and tourists choose and support climate-conscious hotels and businesses.

      There are different types of containment that can be bought or built to provide for your home and business water supply needs.

      It’s time for you to benefit from this FREE Natural Resource – Rain Water! Apply today!

      Commercial Rain Water Harvesting

      Agricultural Farms and Live-stock can also benefit from Rain Water Harvesting by constructing Water Catchment Ponds.

      Save money by harnessing this FREE Natural Resource – Rain Water! Apply today!

      Mini Hydro Dams

      Pictured above is a Mini Hydro Dam which a Belize Jungle Resort constructed. They developed their own electricity supply by harnessing the energy generated from this renewable and sustainable resource – a stream which was on the property.

      The construction was provided by one of Belize’s very own Green Energy Service Providers.

      *This project was not financed by DFC. 

      Solar PV Systems in Belize

      Do you think no one is investing in Renewable Technologies?

      This map shows actual locations of Solar PV Systems installed across Belize by only one Green Energy Service Provider.