‘We Serve’ Home Loans

We Serve Home Loans

100% Financing, Affordable repayments, FREE Property Appraisal saving you hundreds! PLUS more! …DFC is your BEST CHOICE for home financing.

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Who’s Eligible:

  • Public officers (POs)
  • All Teachers (Public or Private)
  • Medical Personnel (POs only)
  • Employees of Statutory Bodies
  • Police
  • BDF
  • Coast Guard

Must be employed for a minimum of 6 months/ Must be Active Duty.


  • 100% Financing
  • 100% Home Refinancing for existing Mortgages
  • TRUE REDUCING BALANCE Interest Rate 7.5% to 8.5%
  • If needed, up to 25% of the total loan can be used to re-finance personal loans (would be a part of the 100% financing or refinancing)
  • FREE Property Appraisal (Save Hundreds)
  • Pre-Approved 2 and 3 bedroom building plans (Save Hundreds more)
  • Life & Building Insurance
  • Terms: Up to 20 years + 6 months Grace Period

Loan Purpose

  • Land Purchase to Construct
  • Home Construction
  • Purchase House & Lot
  • Purchase Mennonite Homes
  • 100% Home Refinancing
  • Home Expansion or Improvement
  • Home Fencing, Security
  • Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy


  • Photo ID (Valid SS or Passport)
  • Employment Letter
  • Loan Security
    • Up to $20K – 1 or 2 Guarantors
    • Above $20K – Project Site
  • Up to Date Property Taxes
  • Property Documents
    • Title for Property
    • If Constructing on Lease land – Permission to Mortgage from the Min. of lands.
  • If purchasing
    • Letter from Seller
  • If Constructing (Home, Fence or other structure)
    • Approved Building/Construction Plans
    • Bill of Quantities

Click to provide us with some initial info and we will contact you to explore further.

Get your 2 OR 3-bedroom starter home building plans with us!

The DFC, through the Central Building Authority (CBA), offers 2 and 3 bedroom Starter home building plans! Already Approved get yours in 1 week! Save hundreds too!; they are very affordable at just $250 and $350. Click here to see and learn more.


  • We are honest and upfront with you! – No Hidden Fees!
  • We work with you and help you through challenging times.
  • Free Property Appraisal! (Save $100s to $1,000s!)
  • Reducing balance interest! We don’t raise interest rates on you!

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