Making Loan Repayments

Online Direct Payment Options

 Payments can be made directly to any of the DFC bank accounts listed below, either at the bank Over the Counter (OTC) or, if you are a customer of the bank, through its online facility.

DFC’s Bank Account at: DFC’s Bank Account Number:
Belize Bank: 127043010120002
Scotia Bank: 91595 – 9138731
Atlantic Bank: 210473575
Heritage Bank: 6131020

IMPORTANT: If paying over the counter please ensure than you:

  1. Provide the bank teller with the correct name of the DFC Account holder (not your name as the depositor)
  2. Provide the correct DFC Customer Account number which the payment should be applied to. And;
  3. Confirm your payment with DFC by E-MAILING a copy of the Deposit Slip to

If you have online Banking with The Belize Bank or Scotia Bank, DFC is available as an easy-to-select, drop-down payment option. Please ensure you provide the correct DFC Loan Account Number to make the payment to.

If you do not have Online Banking, we encourage you to request your bank to assist you in setting up your Online Banking.

With online banking, you are able to do online bank transfers from your bank account to DFC’s bank account as long as both accounts are with the same bank.

Please note that Late Payments Penalty Fee has been suspended until further advised.