Energy Efficiency Technologies

Reduce your electricity and water bills by investing in the numerous Energy Efficiency Technologies available.

If you want to totally CUT or significantly reduce your electricity and water bills investing in Solar Panel Systems and Water Harvesting systems is the way to go.

Homes, businesses, hotels, resorts and other Commercial and Agricultural operations can definitely retrofit to get savings from RE/EE but it is most cost-effective when you integrate as much Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE/EE) technologies into your Construction plans before you build your home or business.

LED Lighting

60% of the energy a compact fluorescent uses produces heat only. That means that $0.60 cents of every dollar you spend on electricity for lighting is wasted.

Now available in Belize are LED Lightbulbs, LED Tube lights and even lighting for outside. LED Lamps for Parking lots and streets and High-Efficiency Spotlights for Football fields or commercial spaces.

Even better are SOLAR powered lights to light outside your home, yard, office or business.

Just attach to a wall or post. SAVE even more because there is NO cost to buy electric wires or pay an electrician to install lights by hanging or burying electric wires great distances for outside lighting.

Savings with LED Lighting (Click)

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Replace or install your old, inefficient and high-cost A/Cs with Energy Efficient AC Inverter Units or even better,  NEW Solar Powered AC Units!

For Inverter Units, the higher the *SEERs, the greater the efficiency! A rating of 21 SEER cuts your cooling cost by 50% over a 10 SEER rating.

*SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating

High Efficiency Showers and Faucets

New Technologies in Water conservation (Atomization) now makes it possible to save up to 98% of the water traditional faucets and showers waste.

An average home (US) uses up to 9,750 Gallons a year from faucets alone! That’s not taking into consideration showers or toilets!

Low Flow Faucet Aerators, which introduces air into the water flow, reduces water pour by 50%. ‘Atomization’ of faucets and showers equals HUGE savings! The faucet adapters are attachable and adjustable and sells for approximately $48 US.

Also see: 45 ways to conserve water in the home and yard

Cool Roofing + Insulation

Reduce your electricity bill by keeping the cool in and the heat out!

Invest in COOL ROOFING and Insulation of your home and business! Insulation can include Insulated windows, walls, doorway air curtains and sealants, occupancy sensors and more.

Insulating makes you use less energy to cool your interior and also extends the life of your Air Conditioning equipment.

Low Flow & Dual Flush Toilets

Toilets are the biggest water drain in households, accounting for almost 30 percent of water use in the home.

Great for homes, Business and high users like hotels and resorts, Low-flush toilet uses significantly less water than a full-flush toilet. Low-flush toilets use 4.8 litres (1.3 US gal) or less per flush, as opposed to 6 litres (1.6 US gal) or more but many old toilets use much more water., typically 3 to 5 gallons per flush or even up to 6 gallons.

While Low Flush toilets may cost more money up front, they will save you money, especially when you factor in the whole cost that you pay for water in terms of both water and sewer bills over time.

WaterSense labeled models use 20 to 60 percent less water than average toilets.  While the toilet uses less water to flush, the flush is still powerful and effective. The EPA estimates that labeled models will save a family of four $110 per year and $2200 over the life of the toilet.


WATER SAVING TIP: If you have an old toilet, there are some low-cost options for improving your toilet’s water efficiency. For example, you can literally fill a plastic bottle with pebbles or sand and place it in your toilet’s water tank (away from the plumbing equipment).

Refrigeration – Solar & High Efficiency

Solar Powered Refrigerators & Freezers(Click)

Solar Power Refrigerator, Belize, DFC, DFC Belize, LoansSolar Powered Refrigerators and Freezers have been used predominantly by persons living off-grid but it is great for any home, business or eco-resort that wants to SAVE by using the FREE energy of the sun!

The difference between a standard refrigerator/freezer and a solar-powered refrigerator is that instead of running all the moving parts of the compression-expansion system by plugging into the power grid, you plug into a solar-panel setup. The system simply uses photovoltaic cells instead of electricity from fossil fuels. It hits the temperature of any other refrigerator (around 38 degrees F, or 3 degrees C, for most people).


Solar Power Refrigerator, Commercial Solar Power Refrigerators, Belize, DFC, DFC Belize, LoansTo supply enough power to maintain that temperature, the unit’s solar panel needs about five hours of sunlight a day but it can store excess solar-generated power so it’ll stay cold for a week without sunlight. And there’s the option of supplemental battery power so food will still stay cold in a pinch. Most solar-powered cooling systems come with this type of backup.

There are also Solar Powered Refrigerators and Freezers for Commercial use.

Commercial High Efficiency Refrigerators & Freezers (Click)

Energy Efficient Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers, Belize, DFC Belize, Development finance corporationHigh-Efficiency Commercial refrigerators and freezers are designed and tested with commercial operations in mind which requires them to keep food at specific temperatures in hot kitchen environments as well as subject to frequent door openings. Commercial refrigerators and freezers that meet these new criteria will provide significant savings to commercial kitchen operations.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers that have earned the ENERGY STAR are on average 20 percent more energy efficient than standard models because they are designed with components such as ECM evaporator and condenser fan motors, hot gas anti-sweat heaters, or high-efficiency compressors, which will significantly reduce energy consumption and utility bills.

Just look for the Energy Star Rating!

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Clothes washers and dryers that have earned the ENERGY STAR deliver superior efficiency and performance by incorporating advanced features that make cleaning and drying easier and more effective while saving money on your energy bills. An ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer and dryer can save a household more than $740 (Bz) over the lifetime of the pair.

Clothes washers that have earned the ENERGY STAR use 25% less energy and approximately 33% less water than standard models and use a variety of sophisticated cleaning methods that deliver on performance while being gentler on your clothes.

Clothes dryers that have earned the ENERGY STAR use approximately 20% less energy than standard models and incorporate advanced features that combine less heat with sensor drying to prevent over drying – saving you energy while reducing unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes.

Together, a laundry pair that has earned the ENERGY STAR not only saves you energy and money while it effectively does the job, it also helps protect the planet, demonstrating that laundry is just better with ENERGY STAR – better for your clothes, better for you and your family, better for the environment.


Solar PV Systems in Belize

Do you think no one is investing in Renewable Technologies?

This map shows actual locations of Solar PV Systems installed across Belize by only one Green Energy Service Provider.