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Go Green Ltd.

SPECIALIZATION: Residential + Commercial: Solar Panel Systems (PV) | Wind Power Systems | Rain Water Catchment Systems | Energy Efficiency Audits | Natural Building | Consulting

Established 2005 in Belize, Go Green Ltd. works with companies around the world to provide Central America and the Caribbean with renewable energy such as solar or wind. From start to finish, we design, supervise, and teach local companies to maintain such systems. In addition, we provide energy efficiency audits, permaculture design, and natural building techniques.

Go Green Ltd. acquires the most efficient and up to date equipment from European companies. We offer on-grid and off-grid systems and hybrid systems (combination of different energy sources, like wind turbines, diesel generator, photovoltaic and grid-connected systems). We specialize in commercial and residential systems.

Permaculture: The development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Specialist/OwnerTobias Sengfelder  | Green Specialist, Green Builder, Landscape, and Permaculture Designer

Service Area: Countrywide  |  Office Location: #5018 Cadena Mountain St., Belmopan

Contact: Mobile: +501.622.0980  |  E-mail:  |  Website:

GreenSun Ltd.

SPECIALIZATION: Residential + Commercial: Solar Water Heating | Home Biogas Systems | Septic Tank Treatment System

GreenSun Ltd. sells and installs Chromagen Solar Water Heater Systems, Home BioGas Systems, and Pirana Septic Tank Treatment Systems.

Owner: Tom Sagee

Service Area: Countrywide  |  Office Location: San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, Belize

Contact: Office: +501.671.4533   | (+501) 627.4533   |  E-mail:  |  Website: | Facebook:

Sun’s Electric

SPECIALIZATION: Residential + Commercial: Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Suns Electric installs Residential and Commercial Photo Voltaic (PV) Systems | Solar Panel Systems for Homes and businesses.

We have over 13 years experience in solar installation and design in California and are licensed electricians in both Belize and California. We were certified as a NABCEP installer in 2009 (North American Board of Certified Energy Providers). We are very hopeful about Belize’s future and look forward to bringing a cost effective Solar Energy Solution to Belizean businesses and homes countrywide.

Owner: Jon or Tatiana Siegenthaler

Service Area: Countrywide  |  Office Location: San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, Belize

Contact: Office: +501.671.1399   |  E-mail: |  Website:

Pro Solar Engineering Ltd.

SPECIALIZATION: Residential + Commercial: Solar Panel Systems (PV) | Wind Power Systems | Rain Water Catchment Systems | Mini Hydro Dam Systems

Founded in 2011 by an electrical engineer, Marco Valle, Pro Solar Engineering provides Belize with reliable renewable energy services. Pro Solar provides turnkey solutions which involve evaluating our clients’ energy needs and subsequently designing, installing, and maintaining renewable energy systems that meet their needs specifically. We also retail Renewable Energy system components.

Specialist/Owner: Marco Valle  | Chief Electromechanical Engineer

Service Area: Countrywide  |  Office Location: 1899 Constitution Drive, Belmopan, Belize

Contact: Office: +501.822.2216 or 677-0017 |  E-mail:  |  Website: | Facebook:

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Energy Management Ltd.

SPECIALIZATION: Residential + Commercial Energy Efficiency Contractor, (Sales & Installations): LED & SOLAR Lighting, Inverter ACs, Smart Energy Monitors, Energy Audits.  We are also  the authorized partner of Global Hydro for hydro power project investments in Belize.

Energy Management Ltd., is the first Energy Service Company (ESCO) in Belize and is passionate about helping its clients save money and reduce energy consumption. Their mission is to expand Belize’s understanding (and adoption of) LED lighting, solar lighting, smart energy monitoring systems and inverter-type air conditioning, as well as to raise awareness about general energy efficiency.

As a Belizean-owned company, that has been supplying and installing energy efficient lighting for the last 3 years, Energy Management maintains an unrivaled knowledge of the energy efficiency technology (and the local application thereof) so that you can be assured of sound decision making when investing in energy-related products or services.

Contact: Tony Gillings   |  Owner: Roger Espejo

Service Area: Countrywide  |  Office Location: 4.5 Miles Phillip Goldson Highway, Belize City, Belize

Contact: Office: +501.223.2246  |  E-mail:  |  Website: | Facebook:

Solar Energy Solutions Belize (SESB)

SPECIALIZATION: Residential + Commercial: Solar Panel Systems (PV) | Wind Power Systems

Turnkey Dawn to Dawn Dependability.

Owners: Silvan, Nadja and Lukas

Service Area: Countrywide  |  Office Location: Teakettle Village, Cayo, Belize

Contact: Office: +501.666.1000  |  E-mail:  |  Website: | Facebook:

Southern Solar Solutions

SPECIALIZATION: Residential + Commercial: Solar Panel System Installations

Designing and installing Solar electric solutions for Schools, farms, parks, remote homes and other purposes.

Owner: Pending

Service Area: Stann Creek & Toledo Districts  |  Office Location: Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District, Belize

Contact: Office: +501.664.2054  |  E-mail:  |  Facebook:

Solar Caribbean

SPECIALIZATION: Commercial: Solar Panel System Installations

International Solar PV System Installers from Industrial, Commercial and Domestic use.

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    Belize Representative: Carlton Young

    Service Area: International & Belize  |  Local office Location: 282 Coney Drive, Belize City, Belize – P.O. Box 2665

    Contact: Office: +501.223.2072  |  E-mail:

    SEOS Sustainable Solutions Ltd.

    SPECIALIZATION: Residential + Commercial: Energy efficient lighting systems and controls, Water heating system that uses 80% LESS energy and Waterless urinals – Water conservation

    SEOS is your partner for implementing Sustainable and Efficiency Oriented Solutions. We increase your energy efficiency, lower your operational costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Our solutions are beneficial to our clients as well as the environment.

    Founders: Saïd Muntslag and Egon von Foidl

    Service Area: Regional  |  Office Location: 16 Hudson Street, Blake Building Suite 101, Belize City

    Contact: Office: +501.614.4660  |  E-mail: info@seos-international.comWebsite: | Facebook: SEOSSustainableSolutions  | Linkedin: company/seos-international