Image: The Inauguration of DFC’s present day headquarters


DFC was incorporated in British Honduras on September 27, 1963 under the DFC Ordinance No.2 of 1961 as amended by No. 15 of 1963. It was owned by the private sector. In 1973 DFC was restructured and became a financial institution owned by the Government of Belize. This entity fell under the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance and Defense. The DFC now operates under the New DFC Act No. 1 of 2009 of the Laws of Belize.


Image:The first staff of the Development Finance Corporation


The purpose of the Corporation is to expand and strengthen the economy of Belize by providing developmental financing on an economically sustainable and environmentally acceptable basis to those individuals or groups of individuals seeking financing for specifically approved purposes including those who would otherwise be unable to fund their requirements from other sources on reasonable terms and conditions.