DFC Attends the launch of a (SIDAR) Programme

DFC’s Environmental and Social Safeguards Specialist/Climate Champion, Veronica Manzanero, is currently attending the launch of a Small Island Developing States Capacity and Resilience (SIDAR) Programme aimed at improving Climate Resilience and Finance in the Caribbean. The launch is being complemented by a two-day workshop during which participants will be interchanging experiences. As part as this initiative, Ms. Manzanero will be participating in a moderated panel discussion to share DFC’s ambitions and experiences in seeking accreditation as a Direct Access Entity to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

This event follows a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the United Kingdom (UK) and the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) in September 2023, which reaffirms the UK’s commitment to assist Small Island Developing States (SIDS) such as Belize in their efforts to access Climate Finance.

The DFC thanks the CCCCC and the UK Government for their support in facilitating this visit.

In January 2024, the DFC formally submitted its application to the GCF to access Climate Finance for on lending and blending. https://www.dfcbelize.org/dfc-officially-submits-green-climate-fund-accreditation-application/

For more information:

Ms. Veronica Manzanero

Environmental and Social Safeguards Specialist/Climate Champion

(501) 822-2350 / 2360