DFC Entrepreneurship Fair a Success!

IDB DFC’s 60th Anniversary fair was a grand success! On Oct 28 2023 The DFC had customers and partner organizations from across the country converge on Regent Street to promote the many products and services the DFC supports and provides financing for. Micro businesses. Large productive sector enterprises,  Education loans, Sustainable Energy! The businesses offered great Discounts, Deals, and Fun for the entire Family!

For 60 years DFC has been supporting Belizean Entrepreneurs and even today we hold true to building DFC’s economy by providing the finances Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) need to establish, take root, grow, and thrive. Such Entrepreneurs were on full display earlier this month, when the DFC, as part of its 60th Celebration recognition, held its 2023 Entrepreneurship fair in Belize City! Here are some photos that highlight MSMEs and how each is contributing to the growth of our economy, Belize!

#DFCat60 #ChangingCommunities #ImpactingLives #EmbracingSuccess!

DFC’s Partners and part Sponsors were:
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF)