What you need to know


How are foreclosed properties sold by DFC?

DFC sells foreclosed properties via Sealed Bid offers and Public Auction.

How do I submit a Bid?

All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed to:

Development Finance Corporation
P. O. Box 40
Bliss Parade, City of Belmopan
Cayo District
Belize C. A.

What should bid offers include?

All bid offers should include:

1. Full Name
2. Address
3. Contact number(s)
4. Email Address
5. Details for property of interest
6. BEST offer
7. Evidence that closing costs can be met
8. If cash purchase or DFC Financing [available]
9. If DFC Financing requested – Evidence that DFC Home Financing Eligibility Criteria & Requirements can be met as per DFC Residential Financing Policy. For details, please see: DFC Home Financing Brochure

What happens after I submit my bid?

DFC will contact you after we have received your bid.

Can I view the Property before bidding/purchasing?

If property is occupied, interior viewing is dependent solely on the occupant. If property is unoccupied, you may be able to make arrangements for viewing.

IMPORTANT: DFC urges all interested parties to view property(ies) BEFORE purchasing. It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER to ensure their proper viewing and understanding of the property they are interested in acquiring.

Does DFC provide pricing or a starting bid price for foreclosed properties?

DFC DOES NOT provide pricing or a starting bid price for foreclosed properties.

Can I apply for DFC financing to purchase and/or make improvements on a Foreclosed Property?

Yes, you may be able to secure financing for purchasing and/or improvement to a foreclosed property, subject to DFC’s Residential Financing Policy. Please see: Please see DFC’s Home Financing Brochure.

How can I know when a Public Auction will be held for properties in a particular area?

Auctions are published in Belize’s 2 major newspapers, and you can visit DFC’s Calendar of Events page to check if an auction may be forthcoming.

What if I do not like the property after purchasing it?

All Foreclosed DFC properties are sold ‘AS IS’. It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER to ensure that they are fully aware of all property details and conditions prior to purchasing.

We hope this helps. If you have any questions please contact DFC here.