Up to what age are you eligible for a DFC loan?

Belizeans or Belizean residents between the ages of 18 and 70 years.

How long does the loan process take?

On an average it takes 4 – 6 weeks for business loans and within 3 – 4 weeks for all other loans.

Does DFC provide personal Loans?

No, the DFC does not finance personal loans. The DFC provides loans for education (tertiary level), housing or business.

If I sign as a third party guarantor on another loan, can I still apply for a loan?

Yes you can apply, however the DFC will evaluate your repayment capacity.

Do you offer re-financing?

Yes, depending on the nature of the project.

If I am a Belizean residing in America, can I apply for a loan?

Yes, as a Belizean living abroad you can apply for a loan for a project based in Belize.

Does DFC offer finance for vocational courses?

Yes we offer financing for trade courses such as those offered at the TVET (Belize).

If I am a Belizean residing in America, can I apply for a loan?

Yes, as a Belizean living abroad you can apply for a loan for a project based in Belize.

If I am already working, can I get a loan to study part-time?

Yes you can, our student loan program provides for part time studying and professional certificates and degrees. Depending on the case however, the six months grace period to commence principal payment may not apply if you are already employed.

What do I require to qualify for a small business loan?

A viable project plan amongst other general requirements which many vary depending on the nature and purpose of the business.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of money that the DFC finances for small business?

For small business loans we finance up to $40,000.

What do I require to borrow for agriculture production?

General applications requirements such as ID, income verification, proof of assets and liability as well as evidence of land property, company documents, permit contract and licence where applicable. Clients are required to contribute at least 10% of project cost.

Do I need to own land property to apply for a housing loan?

You do not necessarily require land property to apply for a housing loan, in the case that you are seeking to purchase land with intention to build or alternatively, purchasing a house and lot conjointly. The asset being acquired will serve as the collateral.

What do I require in order to get a housing loan?

Building plan and estimate approved by the appropriate regulatory bodies, cost estimate in the form of a bill of quantities with costing for materials and labour, mortgageable land title and other general application submissions.

Can I get a loan to renovate my house?

Yes, the DFC provides financing for repairs or expansions as well as new construction of housing.

If my salary is below the tax bracket, can I still qualify for a housing loan?

Yes, providing that you have met general application requirements. Housing loans are approved for up to 190% of your annual income. E.g. Annual Income $10,000 x 1.9 = $19,000 (total eligible loan amount)

Can I apply for a housing loan if I don’t have a steady income?

Yes with special considerations, continuous employment for at least 6 months is required.

Can I get a loan to finish the construction of my home if the land is not mine?

Yes, with written consent from the land owner who will then act as Surety to the loan.

What is the procedure to acquiring a property on foreclosure?

Persons who are interested in a property on foreclosure may submit a private bid. If accepted, an auction will be held at which 10% of the payment is required immediately. Persons who wish to be financed through the DFC should be pre-qualified prior to bidding.


Answer a few questions about the type of financing you want and a DFC Representative will contact you to discuss or set up an appointment.