DFC Committees


The Board of Directors has appointed five (5) Standing Committees as follows:

1. Audit Committee

The Audit Committee oversees the audit process and assists the Board of Directors by providing an independent review and monitoring of the effectiveness of the financial operations, the financial reporting process, internal control and risk management systems of the Corporation.

2. Board of Management Committee

The Board of Management oversees the effective operations of the Corporation, particularly, activities which relate to the pursuit of the DFC Mission, promoting the image and the financial sustainability of the Corporation, and the effective implementation of the Strategic Development Plan. It also collaborates with Management and advises the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the role and positioning of the organization, objectives and services of DFC, the structure and major business practices.

3. Board/Management Credit Committee

The Board/Management Credit Committee is responsible for ensuring the effective and transparent delivery and administration of credit, with a constant view to the Mission, the image and the financial sustainability of the Corporation.

4. Board Risk Management Committee

The Board Risk Management Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its risk-related role and responsibility by ensuring that appropriate policies, procedures and practices are in place to effectively handle the risks to which the Corporation is exposed.

5. Legal Advisory Committee

The Legal Advisory Committee assists the Board in the review of legal opinions and other legal documentation and oversees the proper administration of the loans under recovery by DFC’s attorney.