Parcel No. 86/1, Block No. 1, Buena Vista Village, Corozal District

Parcel/Lot #: No. 86/1

Block #: No. 1

Registration Section: Buena Vista Village Registration Section

Location: Buena Vista Village, Corozal District, Belize

Lot Size: 2901.15 S.M.

Acreage: n/a

Tenure: Lease Certificate

Status: leasehold interest of CRISANTO CRISTINO EWAN surety for VALERIO RENE LOPEZ.

The lot is approximately one house lot away from the main Phillip Goldson Highway and is surrounded by residential properties and cane fields.T he property has some fruit trees, but is in need of some landscaping as the grass is very high in some parts.. However, most of the land surrounding the property is used for agriculture purposes, mainly cane fields and these areas are well developed and cultivated.



Development: 0.72 Acres of Land (2,901.15 S.M.) with fruit trees and a Palmetto House. (Located just off the Phillip Goldson Highway)