Parcel No. 899, Block No. 1, Consejo Road S.E., Finca Solana Area, Corozal Town, Corozal District

Parcel/Lot #: No. 899

Block #: No. 1

Registration Section: Consejo Road S.E. Registration Section

Location: Finca Solana Area, Corozal Town, Corozal District, Belize

Lot Size: 583.33 Square Yards

Acreage: n/a

Tenure: Land Certificate

Status: freehold interest of Joanna Alexis Guerra

The property is situated on the outskirts of Corozal Town on the right hand side of the Consejo Road. The said property can be accessed via a white marl road. The neighbourhood in the Finca Solana Area is relatively expanding and new construction are seen the area. The property is a block away  from the sea.



Development: A concrete bungalow type dwelling house containing three bedrooms and 1 bath, 1 kitchen, 1 living and 1 dining and 2 porch measuring approx. 24’6″ X 32’6″